Design Quest - Week 2

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Week 2 Update

  • Added new cards (Charge, Taunt, Knockback, Teleport, Quick Shot, Power Shot)
  • Set starting cards for characters and tweaked starting decks
  • New levels to play
  • Added Brute Enemy (slow moving but hits hard)
  • Add in-game feedback requests, help me with your comments!

Week 2 builds upon the work on week 1.  I didn't have as much time to add all the features I would have liked to due to working on the feedback system.  Next week will be a lot more design focussed.


Fight your way through three scenarios by carefully choosing your actions to defeat the enemies.

Please leave any feedback in the discussion section below.


  • The player and enemy take it in turns to move their characters
  • Each turn the play may select each character and perform up to two actions
  • The actions available to the character are determined by the cards they draw
  • Once the player has completed all their actions, they can press end turn to end their turn
  • If a player can still make more actions the game will warn them before ending their turn


  • Select character – left click
  • Deselect character – right click
  • Select card – left click
  • Deselect card – right click
  • Set target – left click
  • Cancel target – right click

Verion History

Week 1

  • New Maps
  • New Characters
  • New Cards/Abilities

The goal of week one was to turn the prototype in to a more playable game.  Please check it out and tell me what you think.


Initial project set-up for turn based strategy game with card mechanics.