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Thanks for playing Alpha v0.0.4a.  This will be the last version playable in the browser.

Hop on my discord channel to chat:

Important Info

  • The final game will be a PC/MAC download
  • It will be available on Steam

Game Summary

Corrupted Spirits brings a new dimension to deck building games, combining strategic card play with top down squad based action.

Play as a hacker attempting to infiltrate the Complex, a vast underground facility, to shut down the corrupted AI overmind. By uploading your program deck you can take control of the robotic workers and command them in battle against the enemy automatons. Use the environment to your advantage and unleash devastating combos to cause maximum damage. Customise your deck and discover new powerful synergies.

With varied play styles, great re-playability and rogue-like progression, players will be rewarded with countless hours of strategic fun.

Combining the best elements of card and turn based strategy, you’ll need to have your wits about you and think carefully to optimise your plays and achieve your objectives.

Camera Controls:

  • Use "WASD" keys to pan camera
  • Hold right mouse button to rotate camera

Game Controls

  • Left click to select card
  • Right click to deselect card
  • Left click to set movement waypoint
  • Left click same waypoint again to confirm movement
  • Left click to select target
  • Press M to bring up the facility map

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